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About Old Milford Ohio

Milford is a beautiful shopping neighborhood and tourist destination filled with quaint shops and many, must see, hidden treasures. The restoration of the streets and storefronts is breathtaking, and it transports visitors to a different time with it's old world charm.

Old Milford is a place where old style candies and treasured antiques are easily found on a casual walk. The dining opportunities are outstanding, with every sort of restaurant, pub, and wine shop coaxing visitors with their delicious treats. If your passion is pre-1930 tango records or Victorian furniture, there is no place like Old Milford for antiquing.

Around every corner is a new discovery to be made, and every shop window offers a promise of delights to be unearthed. A visit to this part of town is enriching, exciting, and invigorating and is sure to appeal to adults and kids alike.

This site is going to be a growing tribute to Old Milford Ohio. Come back often and see the new additions! If you have a business located in Milford, Ohio and would like to have it added to our site click the developer link in the footer and give us all the information. We are happy to support your business.